pine straw installationDoes your landscaping need pine straw replacement? We can remove and replace your old and faded straw with a thick blanket of new ones.

Replace your old, faded & thin straw mulching for less money.
Ours is fresh, beautiful and thick!
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Whether your current pine needles need replacing or you want to switch to straw from traditional mulch, we can do it quickly and at a fair price.

Pine Straw Replacement

It’s no secret that this form of mulch or ground cover is the most common form of decorative mulch here in Alabama. However, when it gets old, thin and faded, it’s time for a pine straw replacement.

There are many uses and benefits of pine straw mulch, some of these include:

  • Less expensive than bark mulch
  • Stays in-place, prevents erosion
  • Breaks down slower, lasts longer
  • Makes an attractive natural ground cover

Typically, these dried needles comes in bales ranging from 15 to 40lbs, which makes is easy and convenient to transport. It’s also pure pine needles and free from pine cones, weeds, etc.

replace old pine strawWe usually replace old straw at a depth between 4 to 10 inches, depending upon the area and type of plants or trees it will be applied to.

Pine Straw For Sale

Are you looking to buy fresh straw for your landscaping? We not only sell it, ours comes with free delivery and installation! Of course, that’s a fun way to say that we provide you with the best service at the lowest possible price.

Before you think about buying and installing these dried pine needles for your garden, consider the cost of gas to go get it, the mess of transporting back to your home and then the hot sun you’ll endure while applying it.

Save the hassle and the money and hire us to do it for you! Your wallet and health with thank you for doing so. We will too. 🙂

While we’re at it, our lawn care and landscaping services are tough to beat.

We provide pine straw services to customers located in Gadsden, Rainbow City and Southside, AL.

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